Come See Me At Keller's Cove, Elizabeth,û Arkansas

Well here I go I just received a great order of 8 custom table tops. These tables are going to be on display at Keller's Cove Arkansas Resort. Need some te off and head over to see me finishing up this order and meet the new owners of Keller's Cove Don and Diane have really been upgrading this already amazing spot. There is a pool ( for those of you like me leave the lakes aaand rivers for the fish) I sure do like to set around the campfire and listen to nature. Go ahead come visit you won't hear a single car alarm or police siren no helicopters no screaming neighbors just plenty of fresh air and a beautiful stay in god's country couldn't hurt anyone us. Time to relax and live life for a few like it should be just one sunset to the next. I would love to meet y'all I know don and Diane would come see us at Kellers Cove in Elizabeth Arkansas. We're on the map!